It is currently mid-October which means Halloween is approaching in a couple weeks!  A holiday of ghosts, spiders, jack o’ lanterns, and costumes, Halloween is great  for dressing up, having fun, and spending time with friends and family.  – But do not forget, Halloween is not Halloween without the daunting scares!

So how do you exactly get others in the Halloween spirit?  Magic of Rahat, a comedic, aka, “prank master/godfather” of YouTube, recently uploaded a subsequent video to his “Haunted Shopping Cart Prank”  series on his channel.

Entitled, “Haunted Shopping Cart Prank Part 2,” this video was listed in YouTube’s Most Popular Channel for October 17th, 2013.

The prank includes a self-moving shopping cart strolling through store aisles and shocking many passerby.  It was a frightening, yet fun way to get others in the spirit of Halloween.  I found this video perfect to share with you readers.  I hope it will get a laugh out of you, as it did to me!  Check it out!

Haunted Shopping Cart Prank Part 2

Till next time!




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