Randomness at its Finest…

As of today we live in a world of conformity where “normal” is standardized by the number of people who do a certain thing or follow a certain trend. As for the odd occurrences that pop up in our lifetime they are known as “random”, for myself I prefer the term “innovative”.

Recently a music video came out called “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by the brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisåker, which rapidly gained over 100 million views in a matter of weeks on YouTube. This strange combination of animal costumes and music has gone viral in a little over a month but not without reason.

A few days ago in my English class we had an activity where we simply generated as much ideas as our certain group could make and presented them to the class. Understandably there were some ideas that really stood out while others didn’t have that polished shine to it, all of the ideas however were made randomly and didn’t follow a certain pattern which is what I want to talk about in this blog. Innovation is when something completely new is created that nobody else has ever seen, but in most cases people miss the true beauty of innovation, it is completely random. During class I realized that the only real way to generate and form innovative ideas is to be the odd one out and do something people don’t normally do, so when you bring up new ideas you have already become an innovator yourself just by making something random that people just happen to like just like how this music video became viral so quickly.

“The Fox” is definitely not normal and definitely random but that is exactly the reason it became so popular, it’s comical and laughable because of its ridiculousness while at the same time it’s something new and fresh that people don’t see often. Think of any new innovations that simply changed the world ever since its creation, for myself it’s easily the iPhone which has become a part of our everyday lives or a part of our friends’ lives at least. When it first came out about six years ago it was random and nobody had seen it before so when the right amount of time had passed everybody had simply eaten it up, in class I learned the exact same concept, to be truly innovative it’s necessary to be a little random at the least and do things nobody has done before. Now I’m definitely not saying to pull off something that will get you recognized in a bad way (*cough* Miley Cyrus*cough*) but to do things that people can benefit from and enjoy as much as you do.




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