The Walking Dead is Alive!

News have been going around saying that the Walking Dead is coming back for another season! To those who do not watch this TV show, look no further because as you read  you will understand why this is such phenomenon.


Just a brief summary to those who do not know about this show. Last season, the show ranked as the #1 scripted show on television, a first for cable, and certainly something no one would have predicted for a series about a zombie apocalypse. It involves a group of survivors who strive to survive during the treachery of the zombie apocalypse. Through leader ship and cunning wits, they are work as a team and face off against the infected. Note, that these are a group of STRANGERS with the exception of a family or two that are bounded together by the need of survival.  At this state, they are all currently taking shelter at an abandon prison that they have secured for now..

 walking dead 3

Now that you know a brief history about the Walking Dead, the premiere of season kicks of on Sunday, October 13th at 9/8c. The show returns with new show runner Scott Gimple and without the latest victims of the walkers: Andrea, Merle and Milton. (There’s also the promise of a spin off set in a different location during the apocalypse, due to arrive in 2015.) Here is a trailer of the premiere of season 4

Pretty awesome right? If you have not watched any of the seasons yet, i suggest you do because you are going to be in for a treat. Their former leader also known as Rick, has probably been traumatized the most throughout all of this madness. Since he is unable to lead the survivors, other will have to step up and fill his shoes. Watching the previous seasons will help you visualize how much everyone’s gone through.

“CNN: And where is Rick’s head at now?”

“Hurd: As we like to say, Rick spent a little time in “Crazytown” last season. But he’s always someone who will step up if necessary. This season, he’s in a very different place. He realizes that perhaps the most important role in the zombie apocalypse is that of a good father. He needs to raise Carl not to be a trigger-happy child soldier, and his baby, Judith, he’s taking that responsibility very seriously.”

This reminds me of what I read about in my English class today, Oedipus. Oedipus used to be a great king, but he later faced a dilemma that demoted him from leadership. This was caused through his persistence and curiosity.  As a result Oedipus became a beggar with nothing but his daughter, just as Rick is only focusing on his family at his current state.  In the end of both of their stories, I believe that they learned that family is always going to be there with you whether you need them of not. Family> everything.

WAlking dead 4

I’ll see you next time readers!

Signing, Chris


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