A Beignagel?

Doughnuts are delicious.  Croissants are rich.  And when you combine them, heaven is created.  Chef Dominique Ansel, owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, had thought of creating an unusual pastry that held a doughnut and croissant texture.  He called these pastries, cronuts.  Now, this pastry seems quite spectacular, but what if other food combinations/hybrids existed?

Time magazine recently posted a list of “9 food fusions” they believe should exist.  Some ideas seem delicious and sweet, while a couple others may make you say, “YUCK”.  The creativity in these hybrids, however, far outweigh the possible bizarre taste.

The 9 food fusions thought of are:

1. French Churroast (French Toast + Churro)
A churro fried in french toast batter.

2. Beignagel (Beignet + Bagel)
It’s a beignet, but savory and delicious. Try it with sesame seeds.

3. Sconcicle (Scone + Popsicle)
Think ice cream sandwich, but it’s a scone.

4. Pieffle (Pie + Waffle)
Make a pie, then replace the criss-cross crust with a waffle. Behold: You’ve made a Pieffle.

5. Fluffin (Muffin + Marshmallow Fluff)
You think by now there would be a muffin with marshmallow fluff in the middle.

6. Cotton Cone (Cotton Candy + Waffle Cone)
Eat cotton candy out of a delicious waffle cone instead of picking it off a gross paper tube.

7. Skittle Tea (Bubble Tea + Skittles)
Get a big straw to suck up all the skittles at the bottom of your ice tea.

8. Muffin Top Sandwich (Muffin Tops + Ice Cream)
You take the best part of the muffin (the top) and combine it with the best part of an ice cream cone (the ice cream).

9. Fortune-On-The Bottom-Yogurt
This is a yogurt that has a fortune written on the bottom of the carton, in case you like to contemplate destiny with your morning snack.

The skittle tea seems a bit exotic, but who knows!  Its flavor may be pleasing.  But for now, I think I am going to stick to the original bubble tea (boba).  And a French Churroast???  Just the thought makes my mouth water.  I know what I’m going to be doing these past few weeks… experimenting in the kitchen!You see, this is a process related to innovation. Some of these ideas may seem unpleasing to one’s taste. But it is through these “bad” ideas that will generate more wonderful pastries… more wonderful innovations. How do you think Time conjured this list? The writers, editors, and staff must have used “bad idea factoring” to create such 10 exotic foods.
And do not forget, you readers can make these ideas come to life also!  Go to your kitchen, experiment, and have fun!  Be sure to share your results because I, and many others, would love to see the outcome(s).
Till next time!

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