4 People, 4 Perspectives… 4 You


Welcome to Viral News 4 You. Right here, you are sauntering by a blog run by four people giving opinions on all sorts of topics. As a current passerby, we hope you will become an occasional visitor of our blog. We cannot wait to share all our content and perspectives with each and every one of you. Once again, welcome, and here is a mini introduction about the bloggers, for you, readers, to get a vibe of us and become familiar!

A Bit About the Bloggers


Hi my name is Bill. I love to read and watch movies with a great story. Reading news is an important part of my life because not knowing whats happening around the world hurts me. I love to eat chicken, salad, and sushi. I will throw in the occasional movie review as I am a big fan of movies. I am a fan of many movie genres. Some classics that I would recommend for you to watch are “Seven Samurai”, “Rear Window”, and “Jaws”. I love to listen to many genres of music also.  Right now I am trying out a diet right now and I will share the results of my diet in the close future! I will enjoy writing for all of you!


Aloha! My name is Chris, and one of the things that I love doing most is playing volleyball! One of my most favorite things to snack on are frozen grapes and peach yogurt! I am a HUGE junk food eater which unfortunately is something I hate about myself, however I will eat a carrot or two once in a while! I love spending time with friends and will always be longing for summer. Something kind of ironic is that I don’t actually read the news as much as I would like because it doesn’t really intrigue me. However, when something does catch my eye I would want nothing more than to share it with all of the good readers out there! I will be looking forward on giving you all my perspective on the good, bad, and weird events from the world we live in.


Hello reader this is Danny, since I will be blogging regularly alongside Bill, Naomi, and Chris, I might as well take the time to introduce myself properly. I enjoy a number of activities such as playing tennis and reading, but I also enjoy watching videos of short comedic sketches so you as a reader will most likely be seeing a review on a favorite video of mine some time in the future. I’m not the most serious writer but I will definitely give my all to ensure an enjoyable experience for all of you.


Hello! My name is Naomi and welcome to our blog! As a blogger, I want you to become acquainted with me, so here is a bit about myself. I enjoy playing tennis, and I absolutely love swimming, especially after a long, tiresome day. Floating on the water makes me feel very relaxed and carefree. Swimming is my go-to stress reliever. I also enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning (yes, cleaning), drawing, music of all types of genre, and so much more! My favorite snack is frozen yogurt, and if I had to choose out of all the beautiful colors in the world, my favorite color would have to be purple. Something weird about me is that I enjoy squishing candy and chocolate bars. If you give me a full size Hershey’s chocolate bar, or even better, a full size Twix bar, I will squish the bar into mini pieces or until the bar is flat. It is a horrible habit, and I do not even know how this weird habit came about. It is weird, I know. And yes, I am trying to rid myself of it.

I am very excited about what we have to offer and what you readers have to offer to us. All feedback is very much appreciated so do not be shy! Well, this is me and I cannot wait for us to share our thoughts with you all!

Welcome, once again, to Viral News 4 You.  Thank you so much for visiting , and we all hope to see you soon!


Bill, Chris, Danny, and Naomi


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